Ajahn Burklerk Pinsinchai promotes Kru Joe

Ajahn Burklerk Pinsinchai promotes Kru Joe

Fifth Round hosted another Muay Thai Seminar with Ajahn Burklerk Pinsinchai Sunday January 27.

It was another amazing seminar, with lots of great training and almost 40 participants who got to learn from the living legend.

After the seminar finished Ajahn Burklerk Pinsinchai promoted Kru Joe.

Kru Joe is now internationally recognized by Burklerkgym Lanpang, The Kru Muay Thai Association, Thailand’s Ministry of Culture,  World Muay Boran Federation, Naikanomtom Association and Grand Master Chinuwat as Kru of Muay Thai.  This is the highest recognition a Muay Thai coach can receive outside of Thailand.

Fifth Round is home to World Class Muay Thai