December Newsletter

December Newsletter

The year is coming to a close…..

Before the year is done we have a few more events to close out the year. Here is a list of upcoming events:

-Nov 27 Adult Muay Thai Grading

-Dec 2 inhouse MAS Cambridge

-Dec 3 WKF Muay Thai Fights Brantford

-Dec 10 Fifth Round XMAS party/ Awards night


We also have some new policies that will be going into effect in the new year (Jan 2017):

-Dress code: ALL MEMBERS  (adults and kids) MUST WEAR ONE PEICE OF FIFTH ROUND  CLOTHING IN CLASS. if you do not you will NOT be able to participate in the class (some exceptions apply)

-All of the gym gloves, head gear and shin guards will be thrown out dec 30, 2016.. ALL MEMBERS (adults and kids) MUST HAVE THEIR OWN.. people on trial we will have some you can borrow during your trial.

-If you keep your gear here MAKE SURE IT IS KEPT NEAT or it will be thrown out


Holiday Closure:

The gym will be shut down from Dec 24-Jan 1 (reopening jan 2 for reg classes)

There will be open gym times posted on FB and the website during the shutdown when you can come and train (dec 24-jan 1)