Whats going on at the gym

Whats going on at the gym

-PA DAY Camp, tomorrow 11am muay thai and 12 noon bjj are canceled to accommodate the all the kids we have, all other classes are on. If you signed your child up for the PA Day camp and are not coming tomorrow please let me know asap so we can allow more kids to participate. (Remember to pack snacks, drinks, lunch for your child)

-Anyone who wants to volunteer for the PA Day camp and get some hours, let me know.

-Saturday, Jamie boon Fights K1 CASK in Peterborough, please wish him luck and I will post results as they happen.

-Uniform policy is in effect, you must have one piece of Fifth Round Apparel on to train. We are striving to project a team atmosphere in the gym.

-Lastly, very proud of all of our students. Everyone has been working hard and keeping their attendance up. Keep up the great work team!!